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Mission: Our mission is to assist athletes achieve their dream of continuing to play their respective sport in college. This is achieved through the following ways:

Evaluation: We will evaluate your progress to date and provide you with our analysis and professional feedback.

Goal Setting: After our initial evaluation we will sit down with you and make long and short term goals (Control what you can control).

Guidance on and off the field: We will make a game plan that is unique to your athlete. This step by step process will take you through what needs to be done in the classroom, during the off-season, and on the field. We will be there every step of the way, not just telling you how to do it, but showing you.

  • Academic mapping

  • ACT prep

  • Speed and strength training

  • Position specific training

  • Building character (Our athletes mature on the field, but become champions by serving others with a Christian purpose)

  • Separate yourself from the rest (there are hundreds of kids who can run as fast or lift as much as you. We will help distinguish you from the rest)

Instilling the 212 principle: At 211 degrees water is a liquid. At 212 degrees water boils and becomes steam; steam can power a train. That one extra degree can make a big difference.

We have relationships with hundreds of coaches around the country. We can use this to your advantage and help your athlete become noticed and wanted by these coaches. This will ultimately allow you to have options and have the largest pool to choose from so you and your athlete can choose whichever school is the best fit for your family.

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