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College Recruitment Information
Page Created By: patrik pistorio Date : 12/12/2013
One of our most important program goals is to ensure college readiness and to provide our players  opportunities to play at the collegiate level.  

Storm football will provide the following services for our players:

- Email player profiles to hundreds of college coaches in the country.

- Provide college coaches film upon request.

- Set up opportunities for college coaches to meet with our players at SEHS.

- Utilize collegiate and professional connections to promote placement of our players.

- Answer and return calls to college coaches throughout the recruitment process.

- Educate our players on what college coaches are looking for during the recruitment process.   

All Players that are interested in  playing college football need to complete the survey found on this link below.

"Only about 6.7% of high school athletes go on to play in college, and only 1.68% will receive an athletic scholarship to an NCAA school. Only 0.98% play on a Division I team. But there are countless non-DI colleges where you can get a world-class education: MIT, NYU, UChicago, and Williams, to name a few. Only about 15% of collegiate athletic opportunities are at the Division I Level. The rest are at the DII, DIII, NAIA, and JUCO."  (NCSA,2013)

Guiding Parents through the Recruiting Process

AAMP-  Former SEHS Parent Alumni have created an organization to help our student-athletes throughout the recruitment process.  ( See Attached File Below)

NCSA Athletic Recruiting

Top 50 Recruiting Tips

Financial Aid Information

NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility Information

See Attachment below for a sample Individualized Player Profile,  I highly recommend that you use this file to complete your own individualized player profile so we can send it out to college coaches.  

Important Documents:

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