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Our Philosophies
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Team Mission Statement

“We will create an environment where all players will be better people for having been a part of our program.  We will expect, encourage and push players so that they may reach their full athletic potential and win championships.  We will get to know our players, their goals and passions, so that we may help them graduate and move on to colleges and career programs where they can have lifelong success.”

Team Motto

“We will play relentless football.  We will be tougher than you, longer than you. That is our STANDARD.”

Core Values

1. Discipline- Do what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it, exactly like it is supposed to be done.  Do it that way all of the time.  

2. Commitment- Choose your commitments.  Expect painful times.  Be ready to make sacrifices.  Be ready to see it through.  

3. Effort- It takes no athletic ability to give great effort.  It’s an attitude.  Be relentless.  

4. Toughness- The ability to consistently perform at your very best regardless of competitive circumstances.  When things get tough, the tough get going.  

5. Pride- All of the above lead to pride.  Pride in yourself, in your work, in your accomplishments.  

Overarching Beliefs

It’s all about the ball. - Everything we do is with a conscious focus on the ball. We play offense to keep it until we score. We play defense and special teams to get it back.

Practice is everything. - We love to practice. Practice is where it all comes together for us. Our confidence and trust are developed through detailed and organized practice sessions so that we may be at our competitive best. You don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your preparation.

The team that plays the hardest, longest, will win. - The challenge is to be mentally tough enough to compete harder than your opponent, regardless of circumstance, longer.

Team Expectations

We only have three simple expectations for our players:

1. Protect the Team. 

Take care of your responsibilities.

2. Never complain, whine or make excuses.

Nobody cares about excuses.  People want results.

3. Be early.

Being late is disrespectful to others and yourself.

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